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Our School History

Prince of Wales Public School, 40 Pine Street South, Thorold, ON L2V 3L4

1849 two free schools operation in Thorold
1850 replaced by newer structures






Thorold Schools tended to develop on an East-West basis, with the 2nd Welland Canal, which ran through the centre of twon, being the district dividing line. The West Side School was located on the west side of Pine Street just above Water Street. It was brick and had 2 main classrooms. It had a decorative facia above the main entrance in Gothic style. The East Side School, built about the same time had 2 room structure. It was located across from the Thorold Senior's Centre, Carleton Street North at Albert Street. In 1875 it was expanded to 4 classrooms. The two schools combined had a 250 student capacity.

Early 20th Century 1914 Both schools were becoming overcrowded and the decision was made to build a new, single school for all elementary aged children. It was called Central School at first and was renamed L.G. Lorriman School in honour of a well known educator and principal of 43 years. It opened in 1914. It eventually became the Thorold's City Hall before becoming a Senior's Centre. When Central School was opened, the East and West Schools were closed. With in a few years, the Central School was overcrowded and the decision was made to re-open the East Side School. Outside rooms were also rented in various parts of the town for overflow classes. The West Side School was already converted to the ice factory. It servered this capacity well in to the 1950s. IN 1980, it would be torn down to make way for an apartment building. With further overcrowding, another "west side" school was opened called Prince of Wales.
1923923 The old Jacob Keefer property on the bank of the 2nd Canal in St. Patrick's Ward was purchased from A.J. Wilson for $10 000. It would be a brick, 8 room, modern equipped facility.
Oct 23, 1923 The cornerstone of Prince of Wales was laid by Mayor J. W. Shriner.
1924 Prince of Wales opened in the Fall or 1924, with 7 of the classrooms being immediately filled to capacity. The contract figure for construction was $82 000 worth a total cost (including architect's fees and equipment, land and building) coming to $96 000. The contractor of the project was Newman Bros. who were responsible for the construction of several schools in Thorold and St. Catharines.
1925 Pupil enrollment in Thorold showed Central School with 262 students and Prince of Wales School with 324 pupils.
1953 A growing Thorold population would eventually see the need for further expansion, with Westmount School being built.
Late 60s Early 70s Prince of Wales School was expanded with an additon being made to the north end of the school.

Lighted School sign installed on the front lawn

POX crosswalk installed on Pine Street

Playground on school property installed improving the base surface